What’s in a Box?

In each box, we will include a mystery book by an Australian author and a number of thematically related gifts, all designed or handmade by Australian artists and suppliers. Alongside these items we’ll include an information booklet with some info on each of the contributors. The contents of the box will depend upon what theme or genre we’ve chosen to explore that quarter, and will be advertised ahead of time so you know what sort of book you’ll be getting. Unlike most popular subscription book boxes currently available, we are not limited the YA genre, and will be covering everything from High Fantasy to Non-fiction.

How often do you make boxes?

Our boxes are quarterly, so every 3 months beginning in February 2018.

Why are they quarterly?

To ensure we can produce high-quality boxes for you, each and every time! We are a small partnership and we work full-time jobs while producing these boxes. We want to take the time to ensure our boxes are curated to the best of our ability by sourcing great books and gifts for you!

How does the subscription work?

You can purchase our boxes on a once off basis, buying whichever boxes you like based on their genres or themes, or you can purchase a 3-month (1 box), 6-month (2 boxes), or 12-month (4 boxes) subscription which renews at the end of each period. The longer the subscription, the better the bargain!

Can I change my subscription Plan?

Absolutely! Contact us at info@bookcaseaustralia.com.au and we'll sort it out for you!

Can I buy for a friend?

Yes, we love gifting books and boxes here at Bookcase, and you can purchase any of our boxes or subscriptions, with custom instructions in regards to postal address, anonymity, and short personalised notes. You will find a gifting form in the checkout process!

What are your shipping policies?

Postage and shipping is charged on top of the price of box or subscription, and is $15 per box within Australia. You will be able to see the added shipping cost when you go to checkout. We will occasionally offer free shipping to valued customers, or in conjunction with an event or campaign.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we don't at this time. However please email us at info@bookcaseaustralia.com.au if you're outside Australia and interested in purchasing, as we will reconsider if there's demand!

Do you accept refunds/exchanges?

Due to the nature of our business model, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind. If you receive faulty or damaged product please email info@bookcaseaustralia.com.au with photos included and we will assist you.


Other questions? Contact us!