What's Mel Making?: Watercolour Bookmarks!


Hullo, lovely followers, Mel here! A little while back I recorded the process of some watercolour bookmarks I made, and I have now, finally, made it into a video for you guys! I love working with watercolour, and find bookmarks a really fun size to work on. These ones are inspired by Autumn and Winter weather, as well as the colours of my vibrant new watercolour set. 

This video is a timelapse - disappointing though it may be - as I can't actually create 4 bookmarks in 10 minutes. It took me approximately 90 minutes in real time! If you'd like to see similar videos and artwork, I also have a print and illustration business (though my etsy store is in holiday mode for the moment) and you can find all my work via Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube @TheLittleInkery.


Melissa Coates

Melissa is a genre-junkie, graphic designer, and illustrator. She’s a firm believer in the power of imagination and creativity, and loves getting parcels in the mail. She’s super keen to send happy little bookcases to excited binge-readers like herself. You can find her illustrations on most social media and Etsy @TheLittleInkery