October Recap!


Wow, what a month! October has been CRAZY for us here at Bookcase HQ. We’ve been simultaneously getting our rewards & boxes together, planning our launch party, and writing weekly blogs. It got a bit hectic towards the end there! Here’s a recap of what we got up to this month, featuring our reading, writing, creating & planning habits.


Jordan's Month

What a way to end out the month! Our launch party was so much fun! I hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as I did. Much of my job this October was to plan the launch party. I managed to secure the venue, obtain delicious and beautiful cupcakes, convince 35+ people to come and pack 20+ boxes just in the nick of time! (The packing was a joint effort of course!). It was a pretty damn good party if I do say so myself. I mean, they don’t call me the Queen of Events for no reason! (Literally no one calls me that).

  Jords & Mel at the launch party with our book box babies!     Image credit:  The Curio Boutique

Jords & Mel at the launch party with our book box babies!

Image credit: The Curio Boutique

  Delicious Bookcase Australia logo cupcakes! Made by  The Cupcake Factory     Image credit:  The Curio Boutique

Delicious Bookcase Australia logo cupcakes! Made by The Cupcake Factory

Image credit: The Curio Boutique

After miscalculating the time it would take to put together 55 pristine Fateful Fantasy boxes & rewards, we ended up packing until 3am the night before the launch. On this night, we managed to somehow scrape together enough boxes and prizes for the launch party and called it a night. The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from our celebratory night (some stayed out till 6am *ahem*) and packing the remaining 33 boxes.


Friends: "So, how’s Bookcase going?"
  Actual representation of our lives right now.     Image credit: Melissa Coates

Actual representation of our lives right now.

Image credit: Melissa Coates

Ahem, so moving on, what else did I do this month? I read a little, wrote a little and bought a bunch of new books. Naturally.

What did I read this month? Unfortunately, not a lot! Between two retail jobs and Bookcase, I barely get time to sleep & eat, let alone read. But I did manage to read;

The Fifth Season by N.K Jemisin

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Finished it in a night, with a bottle of wine. I am truly living my best life!)

I am 3 quarters of the way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Hopefully I’ll finish it, and the rest of the series by the end of November hahaha.


However, my greatest feat this month was adding to my TBR with these books:

  • The Obelisk Gate by N.K Jemisin

  • The Stone Sky by N.K Jemisin

  • Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth

  • The Fatal Gate by Ian Irvine


And lastly, what did I write this month? You might remember these blogs;


Mel’s Month

Phew! What a wild ride. I spent October immersed in art and design, creating all the prints for the box, designing the contributor catalogue and getting everything print ready. I also ambitiously took on Inktober again this year, which I ultimately failed at- but I got about halfway through before I couldn’t keep it up anymore and I’m proud of that! All the work I did, for the Fateful Fantasy box, will be revealed soon, but in the meantime you can check out @thelittleinkery on instagram to see my Inktober artworks. 

Arworks and images by Melissa Coates


Once all the artwork was complete, edited and ready to print we handed them over to Kaligraphic Print (where I happen to work as the graphic designer) and we got to watch our products come to life! I particularly enjoy watching our die cutter speedily cut out our stickers!

The last of the printing was completed Thursday- the day before the launch, (because if multiple degrees at university teach you anything, it’s that you can do almost anything the night before, though we were deeply regretting our close call by 3am) and due to our assistants being unable to make it, Jords and I set up and stickered boxes, packaged individual print packs and eventually packed all the boxes we’d need for the night by ourselves, fuelled by numerous mugs of tea.

And then there was launch day! We finished all our prep and headed to Knox St where some of our friends and family were already waiting to support us! We had such a great night, and I’d just like to give a shout out to my mum, who flew up from Tasmania to be there for us. More on the launch when the Fateful Fantasy contents are revealed though!

Other than the endless artworks, organisation, packing and celebrating I actually read a bunch this month! Let’s see if I can remember everything:

On Audible

The Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews:

Clean Sweep

Sweep In Peace

One Fell Sweep

The Dragon Blood series by Lindsay Buroker:

Balanced on the Blade’s Edge


Blood Charged

Patterns in the Dark

The Blade’s Memory

On Kindle

The Dragon Ridden Chronicles by T.A. White:

Dragon Ridden

Of Bone and Ruin

Shifting Seas


Pathfinders Way by T.A White

Wyvern by Grace Draven


It would seem I’ve been reading a lot of dragon related books this month- which is not intentional, for the record. Read one dragon themed story and next thing you know it’s all Amazon is recommending! Anyway, this may seem like a lot on top of all the artwork I’ve done this month, but that’s exactly why I love audiobooks, as you can listen to books while drawing, driving, eating, and even packing boxes!

SO, what’s coming up next month? Get ready for a whole lot of Fateful Fantasy content still to come your way! We will be holding a virtual Q&A session with the author, a virtual bookclub about the book - subscribe to our newsletter to receive the password! We will be planning and recording a podcast featuring the author & our delightful pozible guests all the while starting to plan our January box! Refer to the image above to see how well we are coping with these tasks!


Jords & Mel xx