Fantastic Parties and How to Throw Them


have you heard the news?  we are throwing an epic launch party! Jords shares some fantasy party ideas she's found in her trip down the pinterest rabbit hole

It’s no secret I love a good party planning sesh where I spend hours upon hours on pinterest finding the best party ideas out there! Since our theme of the month is ‘Fantasy’ due to our Fateful Fantasy boxes coming out, I’ve put together a list of the best fantasy party ideas from the decor to the food. My favourite - the cakes!

1. The decorations

This Game Of Thrones printable set is pretty freaking cool. I kinda wanna throw a viewing party when we get the next season… IN TWO YEARS. Why?!

 Actual gif of me brooding for this long awaited final season #ded   Source

Actual gif of me brooding for this long awaited final season #ded

What better fantasy world to lose yourself in thank Wonderland? This Mad Hatters table set up is beyond magical. All you need is some moss, ribbons, teapot and teacup planters and you're basically set for a wonderfully odd tea party! And no fantasy themed party is complete without one of these babies! Take your first steps to your fantasy home guided by this sign post- you'll have to figure out the rest of the directions yourself though. Good luck!


2. The food

This masterpiece Princess Bride cake is absolutely stunning. I want it! Can you imagine pushing your homeboy down the cliff as he screams “AS YOU WISH” at you, then slicing yourself a piece of this cake? #bliss

These adorable bakery treats inspired by J.K Rowlings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Who doesn’t want to eat magical creature shaped treats?! I bet Hagrid would be all over these, or perhaps he wouldn't be able to bring himself to take a bite?

Relive the magic of Middle Earth with this deliciousl looking Eleven Arrow fruit skewers! They are fun and healthy! (Although I’d probably cover mine in chocolate)

 Image Source

Image Source

Fantastic Beasts Recipes

3. The drinks!

Buzzfeed has nailed down the perfect list of GOT inspired cocktails. I believe I will need to try every single one while I wait for the final season and next book installment! #suchlongmuchwait

One does not simply have a fantasy themed party and NOT make Butter Beer! (Yes, I did just cross reference. It’s just too true!)

A classic but a goodie: Beauty and the Beast inspired cocktail! We can all feel like Emma Watson waltzing with our beastly prince after downing a few of these bad boys.



And there you have it. My top 3 choices for decor, food & drinks to serve at any fantasy themed party. You may or may not find any or all of these at our launch party, depending on how much of a pinterest hole I tumble down into!

Have you thrown a book theme party before? What was the book/theme? Tell us in the comments below!

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