Bookcase - A Year in the Making


The down-low on Bookcase HQ

We’ve had a hell of a month at Bookcase - we have literally made a Bookcase HQ! Nestled in a quaint townhouse in Homebush, we are slowly but surely furnishing our humble abode and turning the house into our home. Our savvy bargain hunter lifestyle has proved worthy of calling our interior design as ‘chic’ and ‘edgy’*. Not to be confused with ‘op shop finds’ and ‘looting’ where most of our bargains have come from. February has been an exciting time for us and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this year together, in our fab new digs!

 Our reaction to forming Bookcase HQ!   Source

Our reaction to forming Bookcase HQ!


Moving in has resulted in a few key things. First off, Bookcase essentials (our laptops, boxes, printer and copious amounts of tea cups) have accidentally taken over the communal dining area. Luckily, our two housemates, Jenny and Dylan, are being cool about it for now! Thanks guys! Secondly, we find ourselves in daily meetings without scheduling them. Sit down for a cuppa and a couple episodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and bam, we find ourselves looking up tickets to the Jane Austen Festival to go for “networking” and “official Bookcase business.” Cooking in the kitchen? Turns into talking about concocting tea cocktails to include recipes in future boxes. Passing each other in the hall = quick check ins about blog/design/newsletter/social media progress. And thirdly, we have been able to reflect on the past year, to congratulate ourselves on a year’s worth of hard work, dedication and determination.

We stepped into 2018 with hopelessly romantic ideals about where we want to take Bookcase this year and the first hurdle is complete. Now that we can engage more frequently in person, our collaborative friendship, that has become second nature to us now, is in full swing. We are reminiscing about where we were a year ago and proud of the budding business we have created, moving in together has been the perfect next step in the evolution of Bookcase. Our commitment to Bookcase is the biggest adventure both of us have undertaken and we are wholeheartedly devoted to it!

 Us singing to Bookcase Australia   Source

Us singing to Bookcase Australia


For us, Bookcase Australia has been running for an entire year. It was this time last year when we settled on ‘Bookcase Australia’ as our business name, registered it and applied for our ABN. A year in the making, we have successfully crowdfunded our first box, thrown a Gatsby-level launch party, opened up our shop, moved in together and we are gearing up to ship out our second box. Our hopeful ideas have turned into reality and we couldn’t be more thankful for you, our supportive audience, for turning our romantic ideals into a fully functioning business. The box theme, Hopeless/Romantic, speaks to us on many levels. First off, it is a Galentines VS. Valentines box, but it also represents the hopeful naive girls who started this wacky adventure, our struggles and feelings of hopeless-ness, and our never-ending romance with books and bookish treats that make it all worth it!

Let us know in the comments below if you find any hidden gems to deck out our Bookcase study!

*Note: No one ever has called our interior design ‘chic’ or ‘edgy.’