Jordan's 2018 Goals: Reading, Writing, Listening & Creating


“New Year, New You” is a phrase we hear so often at the beginning of, well, a new year!

We are all too aware that ‘New year's resolutions’ more often than not fall by the wayside a few weeks into January. So, instead of making resolutions, I’m making goals. My 2018 goals are focused around reading, writing, listening and creating.

Reading Goals:

  • Read at least three books a month (that aren’t for Bookcase boxes!)

  • Broaden my reading habits and sink my teeth into unventured genres i.e. non-fiction, self-help, motivational, business books.

  • Tackle my TBR pile BEFORE buying new books - unless new books are in genres outside of fantasy/sci-fi/YA.

  • Actively use and update my Goodreads account.

  • Make good use of my brand new Kindle! *Merry Christmas to meeeee*


Reading list:

My most anticipated new releases in 2018, and a bunch of books that have lived on my TBR for far too long and need to be read.

  • Graevale (Book #4 in The Medoran Chronicles) By Lynette Noni. Feb 2018 Release. This world is just magnificent! I highly recommend delving into Arkanae ASAP.

  • The Oremere Chronicles #2 by Helen Scheuerer. August 2018 release. I am loving the short story prequels Helen releases, it makes waiting a little less miserable but I am so excited for Book #2. I cannot wait to jump back in this year

  • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. With the TV Adaptation, Atwood has sprung back up to the top of my TBR (she is never truly gone though, I am obsessed with her).

    • Watching both Alias Grace and The Handmaid’s Tale are 2018 goals! I have read The Handmaid’s Tale so many times and can’t believe I STILL haven’t watched the show! What is my life?!

  • The Throne of Glass series & A Court of Thorns and Roses. I have actually finally started the first in the series of Throne of Glass. Stay tuned for my thoughts, I’m not far enough in to make a judgement call yet but I am excited to see where this series takes me!

  • Imperium by Robert Harris. I was gifted this book for Christmas from my sister’s boyfriend, David, after I fell in love with Roman history all over again during my European adventures. (You can read about my literary adventure here).

  • Queen of Air and Darkness (Book #3 in The Dark Artifices series) by Cassandra Clare. December 2018 Release.

    • Lord of Shadows (Book #2 in The Dark Artifices series). I really do want to delve back into this series and world of ShadowHunters. It’s been far too long! 

  • Mort by Terry Pratchett. David gifted this book to me after we discussed the Discworld series and I mentioned Death and his daughter are my favourite characters but I wasn’t sure when they first appeared. Hint: It’s Mort.

  • The Burning White (Book #5 in The Lightbringer Series) by Brent Weeks. August 2018 Release.

    • The Blood Mirror (Book #4 in The Lightbringer Series). This title has been staring at me since Christmas 2016. I have it on good authority I shouldn’t read this one until the 5th is released or I will be miserable waiting for it. Considering how miserable I was waiting for #4 after speed reading the first three, I’m saving it until I have #5 in my possession.


Writing Goals

I epically failed at NaNoWriMo last November, I started 10 days late and quit about 3 days after that. Life just got too hectic to try and squeeze in writing 50,000 that month. But, I really do want to up my writing game this year so I’m setting myself a few goals to help with that.

  • Set aside a “writing hour” once a week.

    • “Writing hour” can consist of planning, world building, character development etc.

  • If my major writing project isn’t speaking to me in that time, I can deviate and do shorter pieces.

Use Bryson’s Dictionary of Troublesome Words: A Writer’s Guide to Getting it Right and keep it close with me during my “writing hour.” (Another chrissy gift from David!)


  Actual footage of David watching me open my killer gifts this Chrissy! Source: Giphy

Actual footage of David watching me open my killer gifts this Chrissy! Source: Giphy

Listening Goals:

I do not spend enough time listening to audiobooks or podcasts. I generally turn on the music and let it be background noise while I go about my business, but I really want to get into other forms of audio.

  • Finally settle a free audiobook from Audible - make the purchase!

    • I’m choosing between Stephen Fry’s Harry Potter, starting off Brandon Sanderson via audiobook or perhaps a non-fiction title, like Barefoot Investor. Either way, I am inspired by Mel’s blog about why we should listen to audiobooks!

  • Pick a new Podcast. I have barely moved on from the rollercoaster ride that was Serial but I think it’s time. Potential front runners are:

    • CrimeTown: From the creators of HBO’s The Jinx (which is really good, btw) this podcast is about the crime and corruption of Rhode Island.

    • S-Town: From the creators of Serial, S-Town investigates a small rural town in America because a resident claims to have gotten away with murder.

    • Spun: an Australian podcast from the Northern Territory which features live recordings of every day Aussie’s telling true stories of their lives.

Creative Goals:

This area is geared more towards creative thinking and ideas. Bookcase has come a long way since Mel and I sat in that coffee shop and it’s all because we continued to come up with new ways to reach our audience. I want to continue to grow Bookcase in 2018 and that means keeping my ideas hat within arms reach and plotting ahead for the year. Some goals to help with that are:

  • Write more creative blog posts

  • Work on new areas of the business/boxes

  • Develop ideas from 2017

And there you have it! My 2018 Bookcase & life goals all laid out in one blog post to help keep me on track and accountable! I will refer back to this post throughout the year and update you all on my progress. But first, I should go update my Goodreads account!

Let us know in the comments what your most anticipated 2018 title releases are, what audiobooks and/or podcast you love/recommend, and your writing habits and/or your creative processes!