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Hello and welcome to Bookcase Australia! You have no doubt read the awe-inspiring, sassy, feisty and down-right feminist blog post from Bookcase’s other half, Mel, and I bet you’re wondering how I can top that piece! (I know I am). The answer is, I can’t! And, I shouldn’t have to. Mel has single-handedly encompassed what Bookcase Australia is about, what we stand for as a brand, and what she stands for as an individual person by highlighting her favourite Australian authors and books! It is really genius and I just simply cannot top that. Instead, I am going to introduce myself the only way I can – by simply being myself and being open with all of you.

Let me start over. Hi, I’m Jordan and I am a bookworm. You may remember me from situations such as; the girl who travels the Newcastle to Sydney train with her nose stuck in a book, the girl who simply can’t walk past a bookstore (any bookstore – new, second hand, book & café in one) without going in, the girl who socialises and comes home with three new books, or the girl who complains about her to-be-read pile almost toppling over but picks up Harry Potter to read for the millionth time.

Many of you know this girl, or will meet this girl in the future. But my early days did not start out so bright. In fact, I was almost held back in Year 2 because I couldn’t read! I know what you’re thinking right now… “AS IF! You read 24/7 and never shut up about books, this is simply not true!” But I can assure you, as can my parents, my sister and my Year 2 teacher, that in fact I was illiterate. At the time, all I knew was that my friends would move on without me if I didn’t get my act together. I couldn’t let that happen! Especially since I had just met my best friend Daisy who was simply brilliant. She was reading way above a Year 2 student and I aspired to be just like her! (For the record, Daisy has grown up to be a successful adult who is travelling the world and writing. P.S Daisy, if you are reading this, I still have your copy of Roald Dahl’s BFG on my bookshelf.) So every week Daisy and I would go to the library together and pick out books to take home. I started with one book a fortnight and Daisy had 3. I tirelessly worked my way through the library’s catalogue with the help of my mum (shout out to my mum, you’re a legend!) until I was borrowing 2-3 books a fortnight (and finishing them all!). By the end of the year, I had moved my way through most of the children’s picture books and was ready to start my first children’s novel. So, what was my first children’s novel, you ask? Let me enlighten you.

**drum roll please**

It was, of course, the one, the only … Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!! (Did anyone else read that in Lee Jordan’s announcement voice? Just me? Okay.)

Let me just say, it was the year 2000 when all this was happening. The first three books of the series were already published, with the fourth due that year, and it was gaining traction, but it hadn’t reached the level of world-wide fame yet. My family had been reading HP for a year by then – Mum read to my sister and I – but that situation was moving too slow for my liking. I was dying to know what happened to Harry, Ron and Hermione (back then we pronounced it ‘Her-me-own’ which was later discovered as incorrect due to the movies). So I took matters into my own hands, so to speak, and picked up HP to read to myself. Even now, 17 years later, I can barely put it down! Hogwarts is my home!

And that folks, is the birth of my love and passion for reading. Of course, there have been many many books in these last 17 years that have captivated my world, changed my viewpoint and given me bad cases of book hangover. Books that I have been, and still am utterly obsessed with, books that break my heart or mend it and books that I simply cannot finish no matter how hard I try (Great Expectations, I’m looking at you). But there’s still only one series that I will never get enough of, and that is J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

I am aware that Harry Potter has nothing to do with Bookcase Australia but it has everything to do with me. I was reading a bunch of different books before I decided to take Harry Potter into my own hands, and nothing grabbed me like it did. Without HP, I can’t say with 100% certainty that I would have fallen so in love with literature. I may not have pursued a career in book publishing, I might never have met Mel and this adventure we call Bookcase may never have happened. So, I owe a great deal to J.K Rowling who, even after being rejected by thirteen publishing houses, did not give up on her dream so that I could find mine.


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Jordan Meek

Jordan is an avid bookworm who loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a cuppa. When this romantic setting eludes her, she can be found writing to-do lists, scheduling, binge-watching tv shows and/or fantasising about what book to read next. She is a freelance editor and proofreader.