10 Quirky Book Habits


(or is it just me?)

I’ve recently been told “don’t hide your light”, which I took to mean “don’t hide your inner quirks”. I’m giving it a go! And first up, I’m going to write about my weird book quirks and habits.

1. Interruptions

My biggest fear while reading is not being able to end on a chapter break. If I’m travelling on public transport, I would rather put my book down a few stops early than run the risk of being forced to end mid-chapter.
On the few occasions I have misjudged how long the chapter is and have had to abruptly stop reading, I have walked and read until the end of the chapter.

2. Seriuosly, Interruptions!

Similarly, I can’t bring myself to pick up a book when I have a time limit of less than an hour of uninterrupted reading. When I read, I fully immerse myself into that story and world and barely come up for air. If I try to read while I’m waiting in line for a coffee or at the doctor’s office, I am constantly forcing myself out of the story to make sure I don’t miss my name or order being called. This scenario stresses me out and I avoid it at all times.

3. To Dog-Ear Or Not To Dog-Ear?

The debate on whether or not to use a bookmark or dog-ear the page has me on the fence. If it’s a new book - hell to the no! I will use anything I can find to be my bookmark rather than ruin the book. Once I used a sock - and yes, the next time I opened my book I did exclaim “Dobby is a free elf!” However, if the book is a secondhand copy and someone else has already dog-eared it, I am surprisingly okay with it. There is no rage or disbelief someone has marred this book, and I often find myself dog-earing pages myself with minimal guilt.

 Sourced via Giphy.com

Sourced via Giphy.com

4. The Bookshelf System

Until recently I had no idea there were so many ways to arrange a bookshelf. I have always been an alphabet kind of girl - even when arranging them in order of most loved, I still alphabetise them (except for Harry Potter which has its own special place on top of my bookshelf). Arranging books by colour is beautiful but it hurts my heart to break up my series (although they are generally all the same colour, some aren’t). Any other arrangement seems strange to me.

5. Fictional Characters? You Mean My Friends?

I find it really hard to get excited about stand-alone books. I get invested in the characters and just can’t stand the thought of moving onto new people every single time I start a new book. It’s probably why fantasy and sci-fi are my favourite genres - there’s a 99% chance of a trilogy (and a 90% chance that trilogy will extend into many more books), sequels, prequels and multiple series within the same world - albeit new characters but at least I know the world and can understand references to the first series.

6. Research

In saying that, I have grown fond of some stand-alone authors like Kate Forsyth and Geraldine Brooks because they write historical fiction. Once I’m finished with that particular title, I can go research the time period and people they’ve written about and find out how they sourced their information and it’s like I’m still connected to that story/world/character.

7. Hot Beverages

Before I begin a day of reading, I always make myself a cup of tea or coffee. If I get so immersed in the book that I forget a) I boiled the jug, or b) my cup goes cold, I get irrationally angry at myself. I love tea so much, I never want to waste it.

 Sourced via Creative Commons

Sourced via Creative Commons

8. Lending (a true story)

I love the concept of book sharing but find it really difficult to lend my books, even when I’m done with them or haven’t read them yet. I will happily take yours and return them in a timely manner (generally speaking) but I am torn every time I lend a book out. It stems from this one time my mum lent the first two Harry Potter books to our family friends and we got TWO copies of the Philosopher's stone back and no Chamber of Secrets. It took me YEARS to find a copy of Chamber of Secrets with the original cover on it.

9. Matching Covers

I am particular about my covers. While I buy long series’ from secondhand bookstores and end up with a bunch of different covers, in my heart of hearts I want matching ones. Thus I refused to buy any other version of Chamber of Secrets but moaned like Myrtle about not being able to read it for years until I found a copy in my local secondhand bookstore.

 Sourced via Giphy.com

Sourced via Giphy.com


10. The Hangover

My book hangover can last up to two weeks after finishing a novel. I then experience a state of panic that I’m not a true ‘book lover’ because I haven’t read a new book for a fortnight. I get so stressed at what to read next that I often avoid the topic and don’t pick anything new for upwards of a month. This leads to an intense fear of the question “So, what are you reading right now?” - I’m not reading anything! I try to say the last book I read, but I forget because it’s been a whole month!

Do you experience any of these quirky habits? Do you have odd ones of your own? Tell us in the comments!


Jordan Meek

Jordan is an avid bookworm who loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a cuppa. When this romantic setting eludes her, she can be found writing to-do lists, scheduling, binge-watching tv shows and/or fantasising about what book to read next. She is a freelance editor and proofreader.